Friday, February 26, 2010

What caused the change in what schools are like?

We can see how different schools are now to when the Bishops School was used in the 1840's but why have they changed, what caused these changes to happen.

We discussed how Word War 2 had a big impact because up until the women mainly stayed at home but during the war they had to do a lot of 'men's jobs'. After the war it must have been hard for both men who had been fighting and women who didn't want to just be a housewife.
During the war orphaned children were adopted but lots of them were just taken to work for their new 'parents'. It was lucky there was a law passed in 1866 making sure all children went to school or else those children would have just been slaves.

Maria Montossori was an amazing woman. She was the first woman in Italy to get a doctorate of medicine. She worked with childern with learning difficulties and she believed a light colourful classroom with fun games and activities- she is credited with changing classrooms to the way they are now!

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  1. I really liked the old fashioned classroom because it is different from the classrooms we have now like the windows were up very high and the ceiling was a bit like a triangle.
    Kimberley Stevenson

  2. If maria montossori did not change schools we
    might still have hard lives at school.