Friday, October 2, 2009

NPSRoom 3 gets 'Low' on camp

With snow on the hills outside on Thursday it was time to take it indoors! Big thanks to Miss Nixey who choreographed this in 4 separate groups with the help of the kids. The dance was put together in 4 parts and the kids had not done the whole thing together until this moment!


  1. Nice dancing Room 3 it's Hannah Swift from room 1 I hope you had fun on camp and learnt heaps (LOL).

    I don't know if you guys know but there's this really good website called Storybird. You get to choose an artist and then make a story to do with that persons art work. I have created some if you want to read any of them look at the person its by if it say by lilmisswifty those are my stories. Cool blog. Bye

  2. Hey Room 3 Mikayla Here From Room 1 Cool Blog !!!! Cya :):):):)

  3. hi good job rm 3 looks like u all had fun

  4. Hey room3 its Heleni sorry flaming nuggets i did not do the dances with yous.
    Man u guys did good i wish i was doing it.