Thursday, July 2, 2009

Science Fair Term 3

Hi Everyone,
Next term we are going to into preparing for the science Fair in full force as it is due by week 3! There are ideas for projects that have gone home with some students.This does not mean it is a homework task.
If there is a particular topic which has an experiment that will take 2-3 weeks to complete you may begin it in the holidays.
Fill in your Hypothesis (what you think the results will be and why you think that) and your log book (a 'diary' of all the things you did as you complete your experiment.

If you want to do some experiments for fun -Remember... It must be safe and ethical (humane) or supervised!!!

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  1. hi. I am looking forward to the science fair. It is going to be awesome. I cant wait to see everyone else's science fair boards. mine could have health effects so I'm starting it in the holidays . Good luck.
    from savanah.