Saturday, June 20, 2009

Invasive vs Native Species -student iMovie

Students have created an iMovie for use in the Room 3 / 5 Variety Show. The final iMovie will have a voiceover from a 'script' written by the students reflecting their learning about both species (native & invasive) in their focus area.
The movie needed to demonstrate negative or positive emotive value i.e. invasive = negative/bullying/invading, native = positive/fragile/at risk
  • 4-5 high quality photos chosen for emotive value.
  • Title slide -font and colour chosen for emotive value.
  • Transitions between photos chosen for emotive value.
  • Optional use of zoom (Ken Burns effect) to highlight emotive effect of the image.
Please comment on how well the students have achieved these criteria


  1. hi.these slide shows are awesome i love the koi carp slide show because it has great pictures and it is interesting.
    rm 3's variety show is going to be awesome well lets just say rm 3's and rm 5's variety show

  2. its a good slide show harry and josh. i like your title and your 3rd picture it makes the koi carp look like scary fish. but your last picture doesn't look scary and the koi carp are ment to have pictures that make them look evil. but over all i think its a good slide show.

    from cameron.

  3. I like the title it's really affective i also like the transition it shows that the Koi Karp is mean and invasive

    From Laura