Friday, May 22, 2009

Homework week 6 & 7

This is a 2 week homework task some aspects will be done in class. 
We are focussing on our Term 2 unit -Animal Planet in class and we have linked the Variety Show to this unit. All students have an animal they will portray in the show.
This homework task is to research both the native animal and the invasive species (in some cases this is humans) you are involved with in the Variety Show.
Week 1 -Find out;
  • Natural habitat of both species
  • Food sources of the both species
  • Birth rate of both species
  • How the invasive species was introduced to New Zealand
  • You must include 2-3 sentences in your own words explaining what you think is the impact of the invasive species on the native species' habitat, food source, successful birth rate and how have the effects caused a decline in the native species population levels based on what you have found out.

In class you will present this work on a A3 sheet of paper as a poster.
Week 2 -Publish;
  • A bold title (lettering (font) &  spaced out evenly)
  • Images of the 2 species
  • Your information in 3 sections on the poster -1 for the native species and 1 for the invasive species and 1 for your opinion
  • Effective use of colour to attract attention
  • Effective layout -Think about how you will place the title, text, and images on the poster
  • You may want to use a border or frames (optional)

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